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The Chrysalis Damsel A-6 Acoustic/Electric Inflatable Guitar



This web site is a peephole into the future.

The Chrysalis Guitar, first conceived in 1979, is finally a reality. Its design, acoustics and functionality are radically different from any previous guitar.

For the first time, musicians have the option of a professional-quality, full-sized, full-scale portable acoustic/electric guitar that disassembles to an attache case. No more problems with airline travel. Without resorting to short scale lengths and peculiar miniature body shapes, the Chrysalis guitar allows a full-size acoustic guitar to be an accessory, rather than baggage.

This website is designed to answer questions about the Chrysalis Guitar, its development and the technology behind this work. It is also designed to encourage you to provide feedback to us, which will help guide our development efforts.

Our goal in developing the Chrysalis guitar is to look beyond the constraints of traditional guitar forms and materials while still capturing the soul of the guitar. As you will see, what we have found is very different from anything that has existed before.

We hope that our work will result in the manufacture of entirely new kinds of instruments for the next Millenium, opening up a new world of instrument forms and musical alternatives for musicians to explore at every level.

We encourage students of guitarmaking to learn and explore this new medium with us. You will learn new skills and technologies applicable to any product design business, as well as gain new perspectives on how traditional instruments work and don't work, their strengths and limitations.

For real guitar motorheads, we will be developing part of this web site to serve as an access point for those interested in guitar acoustics, research and design.

Your questions, comments and criticisms are all crucially important to us.

So, come on in and enjoy the show!

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